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Highway beautification hazard

Published: Saturday | December 21, 2013 Comments 0


I wish to bring to the fore the unsafe practice of the weeding of grass/clearing of bushes along the North Coast Highway.

While the cutting of grass along the North Coast Highway enhances the beauty of the corridor, lots of projectiles in the form of pebbles are endangering the public. Daily, stones are propelled by weed whackers at high speeds. Based on the proximity to the road, it is rather obvious that this practice threatens personal safety and may cause property damage.

Even more so, these beautification projects tend to take place at peak hours when the volume of traffic along the highway is rather high. I have seen articles written on this same topic, but a blind eye is being turned to this practice.

I do ask the relevant authority to remedy the situation before an individual loses an eye or sustains damage to property, which could lead to a lawsuit. There are engineering designs which could be made to modify the guards on the weed wacker to project the stones (or other debris) downward, rather than flying in the air.

Also, there are lawnmowers which do have guards and project the debris safely and out of traffic.

I must add that I do admire the work of these individuals who toil in the sun and rain to beautify our highway. But must the public's safety be jeopardised to carry out these projects? Safe practices should always be observed.


Wakefield PO, Trelawny

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