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Thank you, KingAlarm; you make us feel royal!

Published: Saturday | December 21, 2013 Comments 0
John P. Azar, head of KingAlarm.
John P. Azar, head of KingAlarm.


I am a KingAlarm customer and have been for some time now. Over the years, I have had many positive experiences with the company, but none more so than my most recent encounter which has prompted my writing to publicly commend them for clearly understanding and appreciating the value of SERVING their customers.

This is my story: My family and I were asleep when I was awakened by a dull thumping sound which seemed to be coming from above. It was soon apparent that a person or persons were stealthily walking or crawling on our roof!

I immediately pressed my trusted KingAlarm panic button and advised the person who called what was taking place. We were told exactly what to do to ensure our safety until the arrival of the responders.

In very short order, the silence of the night was shattered by multiple gunshots. I started to panic, but the person on the phone who had remained with me assured that the KingAlarm teams had arrived and were already outside my home. She further, and calmly, stated that they had come under gunfire when making their checks.

To cut a long and stressful story short, I was asked sometime later to exit my home after being assured that it was safe to do so. Once outside, I was greeted by no fewer than 12 men from KingAlarm, along with four members of a police party and senior managers from KingAlarm as well.

Icing on the cake

During the ensuing conversation, my elderly parents let out that their 50th wedding anniversary was the next day. A KingAlarm guard was placed at our home for the remainder of the night - free of cost - but the icing on the cake was still to come!

Lo and behold, my parents received a beautiful bouquet of flowers later that morning with a card signed personally by KingAlarm's owner, who had himself called to ensure that all was well.

In a country where mediocrity is oftentimes rewarded, and where good customer service rarely exists, I would like to publicly commend KingAlarm for its exemplary service to me and my family, and for clearly not losing sight of the fact that - after all is said and done - it is the customer who still is KING!


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