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Published: Monday | December 23, 2013 Comments 0

 Below are some of the reactions from the readers of The Gleaner online to an article published on December 20, titled 'Second shrimp farm goes out of business - Praedial larceny, tax on inputs cited as reasons'.

Another 88 persons added to the list of the UNEMPLOYED due to unfair and burdensome government duties and taxes. It is great that we are able to pass IMF (International Monetary Fund) tests and get some more money to borrow, but if we are losing the few companies who are hiring we will eventually have to file for bankruptcy.

- Enos Anderson

A few weeks ago, another shrimp business had to send home their 200 employees because of praedial larceny. Now 88 more are jobless because of praedial larceny and burdensome duties. What is our Government doing to keep people employed so that they can continue to collect taxes?

There is a saying that some people are so stupid that they cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. Well, it seems (that) our Government falls into that category. They are so fixated on passing another IMF (test) that they can do nothing else. Crime is ... running rampant, CARICOM is sucking the life out of us, indiscipline is killing us on the highways, and all we can do is pass another IMF test. Why do we have a bloated Government if they can only handle one thing at a time?

I keep hearing the PM (Prime Minister) saying that Jamaica is open for business. How can this be correct when it is clear that the Government is not doing what is necessary to tackle praedial larceny and to make it easier for investors to do business in Jamaica?

- Mack

How can the Government let this happen? That is 88 persons not paying tax from loss income. These types of companies need help to stay in business. They hire locals that can recycle the monies back in the communities. The Government prefer to help those who take the money out of the country and only hire foreigners.

- Boaz

Horrible ... and J$75million of taxpayers' money going towards Christmas handout for the poor, while the same poor bleed these companies through theft and the keep-them-poor-for-votes government lock them in taxes.

The decisions of dumb people in high positions always make for dumb decisions that cripple our country, and then they go on podiums and spout nonsense in jacket and tie.

- Cleo Ford

Something is very wrong and we had better wake up. Jamaica has no monopoly on crime but I know other countries (Mexico, for example) (which) when faced with this type of issue used the military to protect the businesses until some better security could be organised. The silence on a solution to the security and paperwork madness on the part of the Government is frightening.

- Hugh Oliver

This is just unbelievable! Now we can all see what PNP (People's National Party) does to this country. Everytime they are in power they destroy businesses, especially manufacturing. What has the PNP done since in power this time that can be looked on as good or for the benefit of the country? Crime - UP, USD (US dollar) - UP, unemployment - UP, taxes - UP, living expenses - UP, politicians salary - UP, duties - UP, so fed UP!!!

- Jtsinja

Wow, and everyday the PM, finance minister and politicians in general speak about PRODUCTION. I am convinced that they don't know what it means to produce goods and commodities.

Companies like this that has had to close is the only place where the solution to our problem lies. Yet still, look what has been allowed to happen to this company. This was a direct foreign-exchange earner with the potential to expand. All these politicians do is chat.

- Fanna

Every time I read an article like this I pray, "God help Jamaica please!" Jamaica bleeds for leadership.


Bureaucracy and theft killed this company. One has to ask if the Government really wants to see the country grow with the ... paperchase-driven bureaucracy that pervades through everything. I can understand why the company gave up on that one. As for the theft, if a security company cannot guard a few ponds full of shrimp, why would anyone employ them to provide security for anything else?

- John Hill

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