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Corine La Font, Contributor

Everybody wants to be on radio or TV, so why not online radio? Yes, there is such a thing as online radio and it has actually trumped traditional radio. You can set up in less than a minute and be your own host or disc jockey in real time. I have been doing it for over a year now and it has brought me several benefits.

Here are just a few:

1. I get the opportunity to do my thing, speak about issues I want to speak on without barrier to entry or barrier to expression.

2. I get to meet people from all over the world - both guests as well as listeners who call in live to interact, or even text.

3. Everything I need is at my fingertips, or rather the click of a mouse. I don't have to move from Facebook to Twitter and back to my studio dashboard. It is all set up in one place for ease of management and control.

4. Online radio provides me the opportunity to follow up with guests with whom I wish to collaborate, thereby building my credibility and reach in the marketplace.

5. Listeners can listen to my show anytime and anywhere - at their home or office, on their PC, on their iPhone or iPad, or even as a podcast. To date, I have accrued more than 45,000 listeners and the numbers are growing.

6. All analytics are tracked. That way, I can tell how many people are listening to each episode and from where in real time. This is a strategic tool that helps me to determine what shows are of interest to my listeners, and gives me the opportunity to build on that by way of products or services.

7. The opportunity presents itself to promote via a variety of ads and sponsorships, including banner and text ads, for there is prime real estate on my show page that has been viewed to date more than 46,000 times.

Like I said in my article on December 15, 2013, 'Relationship marketing and virtual events', technology is here to stay, and for those of you who are not on board yet, be ready to be left behind!

Traditional radio

I have tried getting into traditional radio, but to date, I have had no response. I am a bit impatient, I guess, but after a year and many follow-up emails, I just felt I had enough and that there must be a better and faster way to reach my target audience to educate them on their publishing, marketing and business needs.

I always wanted to have my own radio show. Somehow, it just suits my personality. What an exhilarating feeling it was when I realised that the opportunity existed online for me to do just that.

Being a radio host is not only for the curious individual who has his or her ideas or ideals to share, it is also for the business person - large, medium or small who wants to realise the same benefits I have, and more, in the marketplace.

In the coming year, I will be rebranding my now featured show as a network. That means I will be offering a limited number of spaces for persons or businesses who would like to have their own show under the brand I have built. Applications can be submitted at this link

Discussions are still being held as to the package that will be offered to show hosts once an agreement is reached, but know this - it is always best to leverage off someone who has been there, done that, than to start an initiative like this on your own with limited knowledge and experience.

Just a reminder

My 'Tweet and Win' giveaway of my Pre-2014 Virtual Business Start Up Teleclass is still on until December 31, 2013 - 3 Winners will be selected. Enter for your chance to win at this link:

Be on the lookout in 2014 for FREE tele-summits and more from me to help you on your publishing, marketing and business journey.

Make 2014 your year to use virtual technology to establish yourself in the market, build credible relationships, earn that additional passive revenue, and reach the global audience you always wanted.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my loyal readers and supporters, as well as the team at The Gleaner for another successful year. Let's continue the passion and make 2014 your year to shine.  Happy New Year!

Corine La Font is a self-publishing, online marketing and virtual events specialist and consultant. She is also an award-winning publishing resource in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards. Get a copy of her book at and Tune in to her radio programme at

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