Vengeance? August Town residents adamant that cops murdered man in revenge minutes after their colleague was killed

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The bloodstained house where Dennis 'Evian' Levy was fatally shot by the police in the community on December 20.
The bloodstained house where Dennis 'Evian' Levy was fatally shot by the police in the community on December 20.
August Town residents place placards demanding justice for Dennis 'Evian' Levy, who was fatally shot by the police in the community on December 20.
August Town residents place placards demanding justice for Dennis 'Evian' Levy, who was fatally shot by the police in the community on December 20.

Tyrone Reid, Senior Staff Reporter

As investigators from the Independent Commis-sion of Investigations (INDECOM) comb through the conflicting tales of yet another controversial killing by the police, residents of the St Andrew community of August Town are claiming that a man was killed in cold blood by cops angered by the death of one of their own.

According to reports, 35-year-old Dennis 'Evian' Levy was killed minutes after District Constable Paul White was gunned down in a section of August Town known as 'Open Land' on Friday, December 20.

A woman corporal narrowly escaped death after being shot by the killers of White.

Minutes later, there was more shooting in the community as Levy was killed in a reported shoot-out with the cops.


"They (the police) killed a youth the same night but he lived in a different part of the community. It was an act of revenge," said one August Town resident.

"They decided that someone had to die for the police," said another resident.

The resident told our news team that more deaths might ensue as cops wearing masks have declared that they plan to kill 12 persons to avenge the death of their 'squaddie'.

"The community is under siege knowing that one of their colleagues had died. Them murder the youth," said another resident.

When our news team visited the August Town Police Station last Friday, Inspector Keith Steele, the officer in charge, said he could not comment in detail because the matter was under investigation by INDECOM.

However, Steele denied that there was a link between the policeman's murder and the killing of Levy.

"The residents have a right to vent, but I can't speak to what transpired because I wasn't on the ground when it happened," said Steele, who pledged that the Constabulary Communication Network would provide further particulars as soon as they are available.

Steele said the policeman's killing brought the total number of murders in August Town since the start of 2013 to six. A total of 11 murders were committed in the area last year.

"We have made strides," said Steele, who also noted that there has been a decline in serious crimes committed in the community.

Steele said Levy was charged with murder a few years ago but wasn't convicted, and police intelligence placed him as a high-ranking member of a gang in the section of August Town known as 'Jungle Twelve'.

The police have also questioned him in relation to other incidents.

But the residents say Levy did not fire at the cops and his eight-year-old son was in the house and heard the shooting that led to his father's death.

A man fleeing with his own child removed the young boy from the house.

The residents contend that the police party initially visited the yard in which Levy was killed moments after the cop had been murdered.

Levy was reportedly getting his hair cut in the yard at that time when one of the cops ordered them to close the barber shop.

It is further alleged that one of the policemen declared that the cordial relationship between the residents and the cops had come to an abrupt end "because August Town is now home to a cop killer".

"We and unnu ah nuh friend again because the man dem a kill police in the area," the resident claimed the cop declared.

Not too long after, Levy reportedly entered a bathroom just a stone's throw away from the barber shop when the police returned.

Minutes later, several explosions were heard and the police emerged with the badly wounded Levy.

According to the resident, $50,000 in cash which he had, his chain and a thumb drive cannot be found.

When our news team visited the scene last Friday, Levy's blood still stained the floor in a narrow corridor leading to the bathroom.


The police say an illegal gun was taken from the scene but the residents say that is not true.

Meanwhile, the mother of Levy's eight-year-old son said the boy is traumatised and is getting counselling.

"I just have to cope and try and be there for my son. Me drink, me do everything me just a try because him young," she said.

"At times you can see there is a change in him. He was in the house at the time of the killing. Dem start shoot him father when him did inna the house. I know it troubles him. He understands everything. He and his father were very close."

Photos by Ricardo Makyn

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