10 Things women hate about men

Published: Monday | December 30, 2013 Comments 0

They put that smile on our faces when we are down, and make us feel complete - and sometimes with just a hug they can make our troubles feel so far away. But there are those things that they do that drive us women insane.

Here are a few of the things that women agree that they hate about men:

1 Too laid back. Sometimes men have that 'don't care' or in Jamaican terms 'dun-cya' attitude as if everything is a walk in the park. The women Flair spoke to agree it makes us look miserable and nagging, but we just want things done in a timely manner.

2 Wanting us to check in every 10 minutes. They say that women are the clingy ones but men are the ones who want us to call every 10 minutes or they get jealous, even sometimes popping up unexpectedly, which can be uncomfortable when we are busy at work.

3 Controlling. Many women agree that sometimes men tend to be controlling, they feel the need to have control of the situation at all times. Loosen up a bit - a girl can lead just as well.

4 Lack of sensitivity. Yes we are the more emotional gender but is it too much to ask for a little role reversal? A woman does not always need you to agree; sometimes all they want is a listening ear. Tap into your sensitive side just a bit.

5 Admitting when you are wrong. Some men seem to be allergic to the word. It is human to err so it's ok to admit that you were wrong and we were right.

6 Poor hygiene. This a no no. Cologne is not a replacement for soap and water. We do understand that you perspire more, so embrace the soap and water combination a lot more please.

7 Lying. There is no excuse to lie. Saying that, "I didn't want you to get upset" or "I don't remember saying that" is not ok. Let the woman get upset instead of lying. She may get upset but you will not loose her trust and respect.

8 Taking women for granted. Men you know you are guilty of this. Sometimes it's good to take the initiative and give without her having to ask. Every woman likes to feel appreciated. She knows you love her, just say it. Allow her to feel special and know how much she means to you.

9 Never taking directions. Men feel that they are the best drivers in the world and they know everywhere. But we understand you are not a GPS system, so it's ok to take directions sometimes, especially from women! It's better than getting lost or being late.

10 Always out with friends. Sometimes she just wants you around. Yes you need time with the boys and women do understand, but she needs you too. The point of being in a relationship is spending time together, so learn how to share your time between her and the boys.


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