Some advice on using mobile data efficiently

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I write in response to the letter penned by Mr Courtney Campbell that was published in The Gleaner on Monday December 30, 2013. We have reached out to Mr Campbell and are pleased to say that we have resolved the matters he outlined. Nevertheless, allow me to use this forum to again sincerely apologise to Mr Campbell for the inconvenience he experienced during this holiday season.

I would also like to use this opportunity to provide inform-ation and clarification to our customers on how data is used on smartphones.

regular updates

Smartphone apps (applications) continue to update themselves in the background even when you're not actively using them. These apps include Facebook and Twitter. For example, if someone sends you a message or changes their status on Facebook, the Facebook app on your smartphone uses data to reflect those updates. This is the same for Twitter and other apps. This is how smartphones all across the world use data. This is not specific to a service provider, but is a feature of the phone/device itself as it communicates with the data network. If a customer is not on a data plan but is using apps, credit will be used to enable those apps to be updated from time to time as described above.

To ensure that your credit is used only when you are actively using data, customers can take several steps:

The best way is to sign out or close apps when you are not using them;

Uninstall any apps you do not actively use;

Periodically check your credit while using data. You can refer to the data usage app on your phone or download an app to monitor your usage.

data plan options

Additionally, we find that customers who sign up for a data plan that suits their needs manage their credit consumption better. There are many affordable data plan options that start as low as $100 for a two-day 500Mb data plan. All data used within the bundle is covered by the $100 subscription fee, which means that you do not have to be watching your data usage.

If, however, you prefer to pay as you go, meaning pay each time you access the Internet, then the steps mentioned above are very important. We encourage our customers who need more information about data usage on their smartphones to call us directly at 100 or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and we would be more than happy to help.

Thank you for this opportunity to share with our customers, and we wish for everyone all the very best in the new year.

Dwayne Tulloch

Customer Care Director

Digicel Jamaica


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