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Let's Get Physical - Bedroom Games

Published:Monday | February 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Roses, chocolate, teddies, romantic dinner for two. Everything is set for Valentine's Day. But, what about plans for the bedroom?

It's a day to celebrate love, and sensuality is the magic ingredient to a happy relationship, so set the stage for some exciting, mind-blowing, lovemaking.

Courtesy of Counselling Psychologist Olive Ellis, here are nine saucy techniques which are an aphrodisiac to keep the bedroom hot this Valentine's night. But don't let it stop there, you can bring them out during the year.

Dirty Dancing

Dance sensuously for your lover. Choose from something slow and sensuous, or you may choose some calypso or dancehall with a lot of gyrating. If done with lots of imagination, this can really turn your lover on. Remember, you need to dress for the dance, and maybe you could do a slow striptease or a fast 'rip off'. Let your partner's eye take a journey over your body. Let go of all your inhibitions and perform for him/her. Anticipation will drive your lover crazy. Do not worry if you are not a good dancer. That is what adds to the fun.

Taste and Tell

Blindfold your lover and place different foods on various parts of your body. You can use honey, chocolate syrup, any fruit (nothing spicy). Ask your partner to locate a certain taste as he/she glides all over your body doing so. You must give a sweet surprise each time your love succeeds in finding the right spot. Once your lover makes it through the taste test, switch roles and play all night long.

'Privates' Nurse

Role play can be fun. Purchase a naughty, nurse outfit at the sex shop or you may improvise. You could wear a white bra, panties, garter, stockings and white stiletto. Tell your 'patient' to disrobe and get ready for the examination. Get into the role by being completely clinical. Put your ear to his chest so you can listen to his heartbeat. Stroke his genitals and tell him you need to check to make sure all his private parts are in working order. Once he is fully ready, tell him you need to take a sample which you will have to collect personally.

Naughty & Dice

To play this game, you are going to need a pair of dice (if you have naughty dice, that's a whole new game). Make a list of six items for each die. On the first list, write down sex action verbs. Here's an example:

1. Kiss

2. Massage

3. Nibble

You and your partner can come up with the rest - be creative. On the second list, put erogenous zones, for example:

1. Lips

2. Neck

3. Ears

I'm sure you get the picture.

Remember that these are just examples, so feel free to substitute them for your own action verbs and erogenous zones if you like. You can also set a time limit. Once you have your lists, take turns rolling the dice. When they come to a stop, match the numbers on the dice to the action verbs and erogenous zone. So, if one die rolls a one and then a three, that means you need to kiss your man's ears for 10 seconds. Once you do this, then it's your man's turn.

Gourmet body delights

Place your favourite food (not spicy food) all over your lover's body, including the erogenous zones and slowly eat it off. Both partners should take turns.


Turn your lover on by having him/her watch you masturbate, this keeps the excitement going and heightens the mood.

Lap Dance

Put on some sexy lingerie and some sensual music and have your partner sit on a chair. Dim the lights and make an entrance. Dance ssuggestively and sensuously in front of your partner, giving him glimpses of your 'assets' as you approach.

Eat your meal like sex

Have a romantic dinner at home, choosing foods you can eat by hand. Have your meal suggestively as a form of foreplay showing your lover what you will be doing to his/her body after dinner.

An Icy Touch

The feel of ice on the skin creates a very erotic sensation. Take an ice cube and run it over your partner's body. Gently circle the cubes around the sensitive areas, such as nipples. Suck on the cube for a few seconds then blow on your partner's ear (for example), so that they will feel the heat from your breath and the chill of the ice.