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Behind the lens

Published:Monday | February 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Modern-day groom Kibwe relaxes on his Ford Kuga donning trendy sneakers for his wedding day (a trend for grooms) while his vintage bride, Candice, looks on next to her vintage Rolls-Royce.
A blissful bride and groom and their bridal party, shot by Robert McHugh.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Gleaner Writer

When the 'I dos' are over and the toasts are said and done, the only reminder you have of that day are the wedding photos.

These men standing on the sidelines with their instrument clicking away may even be forgotten during the process. When it is time for the wedding photo shoot the bride, groom and bridal party entrust their special moment and connection in the photographers' hands.

Photographer Robert McHugh loves working with natural lighting as it tends to give the picture a more natural look and one that he is proud of. When it comes to the garden, sometimes he would have a pre-shoot arranged depending on the time of day the wedding, just in case they are unable to get the best lighting at that time.

"There are several pictures I have to get, but the ring, the bride walking down the isle and signing the vows are a must," McHugh stated.

When it comes to composure, photographer Levar Gordon has that under control.

"It is important that you keep the bride calm. A photographer is like a doctor. If you show nerves the patient will as well, and same goes for the photographer and bride. You have to reassure her and ensure that she feels comfortable. It makes your day move smoother," Gordon stated.

Photographer Daive Richards and Gordon share similar sentiment about the rewarding part of wedding photography. They feel at their best when the couple look back on what they have done and are proud.

Here are some wedding snapshots done by these 'photogs'.

Candice admires her groom, Kibwe, from afar beneath the canopy in a vintage-styled wedding gown with lace and intricate beading.

The blissful bride, Candice, was swept off her feet by her groom, Kibwe, during a recent photo shoot at Hope Gardens.

Photos by Daive Richards

The lovely bride Dejanee Martin nee Ramsey standing by the window of her dressing room right before that walk that will change her life.

Top left: The first dance, an intimate embrace between newly-weds Dejanee and Andrew Martin.

Our bride Candice was sitting pretty in a tree at the Hope Gardens during the Flair's wedding photography photo shoot recently.

How happy the bride is on her wedding day. Bride Dejanee Martin showing no sign of nerves before the ceremony.

Photos Levar Gordon -- Visual Embrace Photography

The bride and groom playfully celebrating their day of wedded bliss.


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Creative Director: Garfene Grandison

Haircare products: Morfose

Hair Stylist: Salon Innovation

Make-up Artist: L'Oreal

Photography: Visual Embrace

Venue: Hope Gardens

Car: Ford Kuga courtesy of KIG

Vintage car: Rolls-Royce

Suit: Spokes Apparel

Dresses: Petals & Promises.

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Photos by Robert McHugh