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Sting 30 featured in Billboard Magazine - Greatest one-night show on earth continues to make waves

Published:Thursday | February 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Scene at Magnum Sting at Jam World in Portmore on Boxing Day, December 26, 2013. - File

 Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

The impact of Sting's 30th anniversary show continues to resonate across the globe with the recent publication of a review of the show in Billboard Magazine.

The article, written by Patricia Meschino and published February 13, encapsulates the history of Sting and some of the major clashes that have highlighted the show throughout the years, before focusing on the 2013 event.

That event took place December 26 and featured acts such as dancehall legends Super Cat and Ninja Man, along with international acts 2 Chainz and Wyclef Jean, among others.

One of the highlights of the show was a US$30,000 prize for the clash champion, who turned out to be Black Rhyno after he defeated defending champion KipRich in the lyrical showdown.

The publicity from one of the world's most respected publications would seem to be just reward for Isaiah Laing, CEO of Supreme Promotions, which has staged the show from inception, and new partner Josef Bogdanovich, CEO of DownSound Records, who pumped millions into the show, making it the costliest in its 30-year history.

Bogdanovich was also responsible for taking the show live to the international audience for the first time through pay-per-view.

He was pleased that an article on Sting was being carried by Billboard for the first time.

"I think the article was excellent," Bogdanovich said in response to queries by The Gleaner.

"The TV show is a step in the right direction," Bogdanovich was quoted as saying.


"We want people to recognise what the Sting brand has done for Jamaican music over the past 30 years, and now we have a team that understands the complexities and costs of taking an iconic dancehall show into a mainstream environment."

The article also quoted a Gleaner report that stated that Sting 30 was the first Jamaica-produced show to generate 14 million viewer impressions via Google and also quoted Jason Hall, Jamaica Tourist Board's (JTB) deputy director, as saying his organisation was conducting a review of the event.

After years of sponsoring other music-related events, the JTB finally became a sponsor of Sting in 2013.

In the article, Meschino also made reference to Laing's recently published memoir, Point Blank Range: A Jamaican Bad Man Police — The Isaiah Laing Story.