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Labour minister wants greater productivity

Published:Friday | March 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Derrick Kellier

Minister of Labour and Social Security Derrick Kellier says there is an urgent need for more productivity to ensure economic growth.

"Raising productivity in Jamaica will make our goods and services more competitive in both domestic and international markets, and will allow our firms to better compete," Kellier stated at a productivity workshop held on Tuesday at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, Kingston. The workshop was organised by the Jamaica Productivity Centre, and the Press Association of Jamaica.

The minister told the gathering that increased productivity enables reduction in the cost of production and the establishment of comparative advantage, improved design and quality, and also improvement in customer service. He noted that firms with excellent service are preferred "When these factors come together to increase the competitiveness of Jamaican firms, we can expect increased demand for Jamaican goods and services. Increased demand for the products of Jamaican firms in turn leads to increased demand for Jamaican labour, to produce, transport, and distribute these products," he said.

Kellier added that workers who are themselves consumers, also benefit from reduced prices or better quality.