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Government having second thoughts on Etingdon agro park

Published:Friday | April 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Daraine Luton, Gleaner Writer

THE GOVERNMENT is reconsidering the establishment of an agro park at Etingdon in Trelawny.

Portfolio minister Roger Clarke said on Wednesday that the authorities are not convinced about the soil quality at the location.

Clarke said some $400 million is to be spent in five agro parks this year, namely Ebony Park, Amity Hall, Plantain Garden River, Meylersfield and Etingdon.

"We have since looked at Etingdon and it does seem as though we might have to replace that one because the soil capability there does not seem amenable to good agriculture. We might replace that with another one," Clarke said.

Agro parks were scheduled to be established at Meylersfield in Westmoreland and Etingdon in Trelawny this year as part of the Government's plan to increase agricultural production.


The Plantain Garden River in St Thomas, Amity Hall in St Catherine, and Ebony Park in Clarendon parks are already under cultivation, and an additional four parks came on stream during financial year 2013/14.

Some $17.6 million is being spent under the socio-economic development of sugar-dependent areas, which in addition to supporting the agro parks, will go towards the building of 350 houses at Springfield, Hampton Court and Stokes Hall in St Thomas.