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Carnival makeup 101

Published:Monday | April 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson • Lifestyle Reporter

With your soca body in 'wuk-up' shape and your costume purchased for 'chippin' down di road', all that is left to seal the deal for the road march is some dazzlingly artistic carnival make-up.

For those soca divas out there, seeking to doll up their faces for the main event, we got you covered with all the glitz, feathers and sparkles. We have enlisted the expertise of make-up artistes Paul March and Kimberly Patterson to assist socaphiles in achieving their ideal looks.

Eight-year veteran make-up artiste MUA Paul March imparted his knowledge, giving a few pointers to consider for keeping the daytime carnival make-up alive and popping.


1. Start off with a clean face, moisturise and add a primer so that the foundation can stay on longer. Highly recommendable that a pore minimiser is used as well.

2. Apply foundation, liquid preferable since that has more staying power.

3. Apply eyeshadow, contour the face and decorate it with gems and rhinestones.

4. Use a design to enhance features (rhinestones can also be used all over the body).

5. Use as much waterproof make-up as possible because they are more durable. Don't go too heavy on the cream to powder foundation, it will run and the make-up will sit on top of it, and will easily wipe off once sweat comes into the picture.

Kimberly Patterson, who got her start in university doing carnival make-up almost four years ago, went into great detail on the mystical looks that she created on models for a carnival shoot.

For Kandi King's teal and brown (Digicel) costume, Patterson said she wanted to keep it simple so that it could be easily recreated. Here is the step-by-step make-up procedure.


1. Create the shape of the cut crease by using the tape to angle the line to form the wing shape of the look.

2. Prime the eyes and add a white base.

3. Add green to the lid with dark green on the outer corners.

4. Add blue over the cut crease, highlight the brow bone.

5. Add a wing liner to make the eyes pop.

6. After adding adhesive to the lid, place green glitter on top of green eyeshadow.

7. Add mascara and lashes to take the look even further.

8. Outline the lower lash line with blue in the inner corner and green in the outer corner.

9. Add foundation, set it with powder and add rhinestones to your liking.

10. Add blush and lipstick.

Inspired by Ka-el Clarke's silver and blue (Fame fm) costume, Patterson gave her a look that was a direct reflection of her body wear. See below just how she got it done.


1. Apply tape to get the sharpness to the look.

2. Add primer and a white base to the lids.

3. Using a soft brush, add purple to the crease and blend.

4. Using a dark blue eyeshadow, place the colour on the inner and outer corner of the eyes and blend it into the purple crease.

5. On the middle part of the lid, add a turquoise shadow to contrast the blue. This will make the eyes pop.

6. Place three blue rhinestones from medium to small on the outer corners of the crease.

7. Add a black-winged liner and apply lashes.

8. On the lower lash line, add blue glitter on the inner corner. Add blue eyeshadow on the remaining lower lash line.

9. Rim the lashes with black eyeliner and apply mascara.

10. Apply foundation, highlight and contour. Set with powder. Apply pink blush and lipstick. And you are ready to go.

If you like the looks that you see here, be sure to contact Paul March at 840-5420, email: romeomarch_95@hotmail.com or follow on Twitter: @paulmarchmua. Kimberly Patterson can be reached at her website: www.kimpattersonmua.com email: imagemua@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/makeupbykimberlypatterson and on Instagram: @kimzie_kim or @makeupbykimberlypatterson. See you on the road this Sunday and be on the lookout for #teamblue.