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Bronze medal sweetest victory

Published:Wednesday | August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:We have just seen in the past two weeks what must have been one of the greatest performances by a Jamaican team at a sporting event.

Now, the world has grown to expect phenomenal performances from our athletes, and by the same token the world has come to expect only the bridesmaid status from our netballers, destined never to be a bride. So entrenched has been that expectation that I, myself, having said a silent prayer for them, forgot to listen to, or look out for, the live showing of the encounter.

So imagine my joy when being driven to work this morning, I came upon the news of our victory over England in their 'backyard' - my reaction was so loud that I suspect passing motorists must have felt I'd been stung by a wasp.

reputation for 'marking hard'

To me, notwithstanding the tremendous achievements of our gold medal winners, Jamaicans have a reputation for 'marking hard', so that where we have come to be expecting a gold medal, we are more likely to be seething when a prospective gold medallist does not achieve, but our hearts soar when the unexpected medal is produced.

So this third place, to me, was the greatest achievement by my country at the Glasgow Games, as it embodied belief in self, refusal to accept loss, the determination to win, and, most important, never to waver from that purpose though the heavens may fall. That makes this victory, under unfamiliar conditions, the sweetest victory they have ever earned. On behalf of Jamaicans everywhere, I say, thank you, Sunshine Girls.