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Bronze medal sweetest victory

Published:Wednesday | August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM


We have just seen in the past two weeks what must have been one of the greatest performances by a Jamaican team at a sporting event.

Now, the world has grown to expect phenomenal performances from our athletes, and by the same token the world has come to expect only the bridesmaid status from our netballers, destined never to be a bride. So entrenched has been that expectation that I, myself, having said a silent prayer for them, forgot to listen to, or look out for, the live showing of the encounter.

So imagine my joy when being driven to work this morning, I came upon the news of our victory over England in their 'backyard' - my reaction was so loud that I suspect passing motorists must have felt I'd been stung by a wasp.

reputation for 'marking hard'

To me, notwithstanding the tremendous achievements of our gold medal winners, Jamaicans have a reputation for 'marking hard', so that where we have come to be expecting a gold medal, we are more likely to be seething when a prospective gold medallist does not achieve, but our hearts soar when the unexpected medal is produced.

So this third place, to me, was the greatest achievement by my country at the Glasgow Games, as it embodied belief in self, refusal to accept loss, the determination to win, and, most important, never to waver from that purpose though the heavens may fall. That makes this victory, under unfamiliar conditions, the sweetest victory they have ever earned. On behalf of Jamaicans everywhere, I say, thank you, Sunshine Girls.


Duke Street, Kingston Gazans blood lies on Hamas


There was a group in Emancipation Park holding a vigil. They blamed the state of Israel for destroying the Palestinians. They also called upon Jamaicans to condemn Israel's actions.

This vigil lacks the complete information about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The State of Israel does not want to destroy the lives of Palestinians or anyone else. They want to be safe and to live in peace with all their neighbours.

However, there is a militant terrorist and political group among the Palestinians known as Hamas. They do not recognise the right of the State of Israel to exist. They are the ones who started the recent conflict with Israel. They have been firing several rockets into Israel. On account of this, 300,000 Israelis have moved out of southern Israel and are in the region of Galilee, in northern Israel.

Hamas has several underground tunnels that lead from where they live into Israel. Hamas has been using these tunnels to get into Israel and to shoot Israeli soldiers. What Israel is trying to do is to destroy all of these underground tunnels.

bombing targets

Furthermore, when the Israel Defence Forces is going to bomb certain targets where its intelligence indicates Hamas militants hiding there, it gives the Palestinian civilian population time to evacuate from those areas, but the Hamas militants force the civilians back to their neighbourhoods and use them as human shields.

The loss of life and property is never good for anybody - whether Palestinian or Israeli; but Israel has the right to protect itself against being wiped out by terrorist organisations.

Therefore, I call upon the group that is trying to stir up Jamaicans against Israel to stop being one-sided in your criticism of Israel. Remember that Israel is the nation in which Jesus Christ was born.