Sat | Oct 20, 2018

Simplistic, awkward discussion

Published:Thursday | August 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine seeing a guest columnist such as Ethan Lowe, a medical doctor no less, write a piece published in The Gleaner (August 6) titled 'The Purpose of Life'.

After reading it several times, I have no idea what to think and can't help but wonder what the typical reader - who most likely doesn't have his collegial education - might think. It looks to me like a rough draft of the synopsis of a first-year philosophy class at some western, liberal-arts school.

His overview of the world's thought regarding the purpose of life represents more a summary of somewhat-undeveloped opinions about a few of them, than a compendium of facts. Personally, I should hesitate to offer any explanation of such a list even in the most private of settings, let alone for thousands and thousands of readers.

The most glaring omission, however, even in such an immature presentation, is the consideration of our modern, techno-world's two most-talked-about subjects today: sex and aliens. In case you haven't heard, these - not life's purpose - are apparently two of the most sought-after 'people are interested in them' topics, so I've read, on the Internet today.

Apparently we know all too much about one and hardly anything about the other. As for their effect upon the study of life's purpose and, therefore, its ultimate meaning, I can't see how anyone could leave them out of even the simplest, or most awkward, of discussions.

Ed McCoy