Sun | Oct 21, 2018


Published:Thursday | August 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Several disheartening events in recent history seem to indicate that there is slim hope for a Jamaican resurrection - a resurrection from substandard political leadership and unemployment. Judging by their behaviour, our would-be political 'Galahads' are simply children; who can the forget disgraceful behaviours and the brisk plods and door slams in the middle of meetings? The blame game and bickering contributes to so much wasted energy and time. Does this deportment show a sense of control? Politicians are wasting time in this country. We need proof that constructive work is being done.

Is bipartisanship synonymous with the fable of utopianism in this country?

Surely in order for Jamaica to lose its grip on the 'Titanic;, its government must show some semblance of unity. There must be the 'death' of male chauvinism and egoism. Let patriotism and love of citizens be 'throned' in this country. We should never put politics and the law of the land above our Jamaican brothers and sisters. Our politicians need to climb down from the Ivory tower of academia and see that the simple man in the ghetto needs understanding and a change in the system. Even though Jamaica is not solely on the backs of politicians, a change in their ways can do a lot for Jamaicans. Come on Jamaicans, let us look behind the parliamentary jabbers and dogmatism and fight for the resurrection of our country.

Whitney Watts