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Power106 reaches millions in the diaspora

Published:Friday | August 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM

POWER106 FM is now considered to be the diaspora radio station and now has wider implications outside of Jamaica, reaching more than three million Jamaicans overseas.

It is estimated that there are more people of Jamaican heritage residing overseas than the approximately 2.7 million persons, who live on the island.

Of those in the diaspora, at least 1.8 million are based in the United States of America, with majority (750,000) located in the state of Florida. Some 650,000 live in the UK whereas 300,000 are based in Canada.

Additionally, the World Bank estimates Jamaican diaspora savings is worth approximately US$5.4 billion, purchasing power nearing US$40 billion. Inflow of remittances into Jamaicans is estimated at US$2 billion annually (approximately 15 per cent of GDP).

Newton James, managing director, Independent Radio Company, Power106 FM, said, "We are not only able to communicate with Jamaicans who are in Jamaica, but we are able to reach Jamaicans who are in the diaspora. Persons can listen to Power 106FM via The Gleaner's website, go-jamaica.com, or via any telephone in North America, UK and Germany. There are also various apps such as TuneIn Radio and the Power106 FM google app, available for download, which allow live streaming. Listeners may then interact with the hosts of various programmes via Facebook, Twitter and email."

James explained that the tag lines, 'Talk Radio for all Jamaicans', and 'The forum where all views can Contend', are distinct things.

"When we say, 'Talk radio for all Jamaicans', that's an umbrella thing because we are now broadcasting info to Jamaicans wherever they are in the world. When we are talking about the forum, however, we go inside of the talk radio and we see that this particular talk radio for all Jamaicans is a forum where all views can contend and we hope, in the process, that all these views will contend equally."