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The young grandfather

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Dyland and I hit it off from the beginning.  He was handsome, charming, educated, ambitious and driven.  My family loved and welcomed him quite quickly, which surprised me.  I was the only girl and where men were concerned, expectations were very high.

As our relationship progressed, we started making plans for our future, putting things in place to achieve the dream.  I was in awe of this man, and if anyone told me that 15 years later this would be my reality, I would not have believed them.

We had our family, our home, and our lives seemed complete.  There was nothing I wanted to change.  I loved our lives, our kids and him.  It would be years later before I started hearing the rumours.

I ignored them because I didn't want to believe them.  What I was hearing didn't sound like the man I knew.  Ghere was no way he had someone else.  every night he came home on time, we were still in love, and he wasn't acting strange.

However, the truth never stays hidden fo rlong and has a way of forcing itself on you even when you don't want it to.

The fateful day it faced me, I was up early doing the laundry and enjoying some 'me' time.  As usual, I started emptying his pockets because he always had things in them that got stuck in the washing maching.  It was then that my heart stopped beating, my world crumbled, and for a long time I thought my life ended.  I found a prescription for prenatal vitamins, that had the name of the girl I was hearing about.  The girl he denied.  The girl who was about to make him a fater.


James- 47 years old - 1 adult child

James' daughter was a customer of mine. She was pregnant and had ordered some items from me. When they arrived, I called, and she told me that her father would collect them from me at the usual spot that Friday.

I was dealing with other customers, so I didn't notice when he walked in. He stood off to the side, and when I was almost through I asked him if I could help.

When he told me who he was I could not believe it. This man didn't look like he could be the father of a 20-odd-year-old woman and soon-to-be grandfather. He looked to be in his late 30s, had a shiny bald head, and a body that said he frequented the gym.

I told him then I would never have thought that he was her dad. He laughed and asked me if I expected a man with a cane or in a wheelchair, and I said "closer to that than you". He collected the items and left.

mixing business with pleasure

Later that evening, I got a text from his daughter thanking me for the items and telling me that her father liked my smile and wanted to know if she could give him my number. I was reluctant, as I wasn't sure I wanted my business and personal life mixing. But I told her she could pass it on.

He called me that night and we talked. He was single and it turns out my client was his only child. He wanted us to do something that weekend, but I told him all the things I had to do and he offered to give me a hand.

He showed up, and I still couldn't believe this man was about to be a grandfather. He surely knew how to take care of his body. We had to hang around a bit because I had one customer who had agreed to meet me because she was close by. While we waited, we got to know each other. My client arrived and after giving her her package, I had to go across the street to get her change at the nearby gas station. When I returned, she asked for something else, and as I showed it to her, she asked me what the deal was with James.

I was a little taken aback, but I told her there was none, we had just met. It turns out James had given her a few compliments along with his number, after assuring her that there wasn't anything between us. Now, I know this man and I have just met, but how tactless can you be? You came out to spend the day with me because you were interested in getting to know me, but you were picking up other women at the same time. Well, that was all I needed.

After she left, I thanked James for his help and told him I no longer needed his services. I told him I didn't like his style, but he was free to spend the rest of the day looking around for other prospects - I was no longer on the market.

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