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BGLC misses point on Gary Peart dilemma

Published:Monday | August 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The Betting,Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC), in a fancy and expensive full-page, taxpayer-funded ad in the August 8 and 10 editions of the major newspapers, sought to clarify a glaring conflict of interest by its chairman, Gary Peart. The ad really misses the point completely.

Full disclosure by its chairman, Gary Peart, about Mayberry's investments in Supreme Ventures does not remove or reduce the risk of a conflict of interest between Mr Peart's role (as CEO) at Mayberry and his chairmanship of the BGLC.

We would have thought that Mr Peart would have been aware of that risk, as would those who appointed him to the position. The minister of finance must now intervene.

Like Caesar's wife, the chairmanship of the BGLC ought to be above reproach.

Mr Peart, by accepting the position despite his connections to a company that is involved in a lottery, has rendered it very vulnerable.

If we fail to understand and act on these distinctions, we push our country further down on a slippery slope.

I expect Mr Peart to do the honourable thing and resign the chairmanship of the BGLC. I would find it incredible that a chairperson could not be found who is devoid of this type of connection.

Transparency International and the National Integrity Action, which are very vocal on these issues, might wish to enter the debate.


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