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Four cops questioned in death of prisoner

Published:Tuesday | August 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Four police officers are being questioned in relation to the death of Joshua Etienne, whose body was found in his cell at a police station in Portsmouth on August 5.

The four officers were detained last week after an autopsy was done on the body of Etienne, who had been arrested on August 4 for the alleged possession of ammunition.

Lawyers for the four unidentified police officers, who left the police station late on Sunday night, would not comment on the situation regarding their clients given the fact that the men had been in police custody for more than 72 hours.

Last week, Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon described the death of the man in police custody as a "very serious incident" and "a homicide".

"This incident, where Joshua Etienne was found dead, has always been treated as a very serious incident. From the outset of the investigations, we've been treating it as a homicide," he said on the state-owned DBS radio, adding, "I can assure the general public that there is going to be no cover-up. The investigation is going to be very transparent."

"The investigation is well advanced, and I have no doubt the officers who the investigations have identified as the perpetrators of this crime will face justice."