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Grow some chest hairs, Mr Bunting

Published:Wednesday | August 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The outcry of the hypocritical Jamaican public, in support of suspending arrests of persons caught with marijuana, is absolutely disturbing and upsetting. Yes, the death of Mr Mario Deane is unfortunate, but as the law currently stands, he allegedly committed an offence.

I'm positive that if it is that the police had, in fact, beaten this young man so badly that it led to his untimely demise, there would be a plethora of detainees willing and all too ready to provide INDECOM with statements to 'mek police lose dem work and spen' time a jailhouse'. I'm also sure more than one person has lost his life while in state custody.

Why cry foul of the police and why relax detention time for small quantities of ganja? Isn't a major aspect of the police's job to arrest and charge those who knowingly or unknowingly break the law?

Come on, Security Minister Peter Bunting, grow some chest hairs and develop a stronger backbone. Stand up for the security forces who are working tirelessly to secure our beloved country. Speak up, Acting Commissioner Glenmore Hinds, to ease the pressure on the lower ranks! Wake up, Federation Chairman Raymond Wilson, and defend those whom your office should protect, as the rank and file are under so much pressure and scrutiny.

It's time for us to call a spade a spade and stop playing publicity games. The powers that be must inform Jamaica that criminals are likely to commit crimes and jails and other similar facilities are not a bed of roses. If unnu a good youth, try yu best to stay out of jail.