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Retool our minds and attitudes

Published:Wednesday | August 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jamaica's geographical location has placed us at the centre of the major trading routes - North, Central and South America. Consequently, the implementation of a logistics hub provides a unique opportunity for us to become the near-shore destination of choice for the America.

Nearshoring allows global businesses to delegate aspects of its operation to regional businesses to improve efficiencies and drive operational costs down. Further, it allows large-scale suppliers a greater opportunity to increase service levels, improve control over quality and intellectual property while lowering the risk for supply chain vulnerabilities.

resorting to near shoring

Reportedly, 21 per cent of North American manufacturers are resorting to nearshoring. As more and more globally operating businesses embrace nearshoring strategies to meet the growing demands of consumers, this creates a great prospect for Jamaica's Logistics Hub Initiative. The questions to ask, therefore, are: Are we as a nation facilitating the demands of global trade, or are we becoming an obstruction to the opportunities that exist for us in the global trade arena?

Without the appropriate infrastructure and human resources equipped with the skill sets, through training and certification, it will be difficult to service the needs of the global supply chain. It is time to retool our minds and attitudes while improving our logistics infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the global supply chain.

Marc Ellis, MSc, is Database Administrator with the Grace Kennedy Group (GKRS) and is a Logistics and Supply Chain student at Caribbean Maritime Institute.