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The transforming power of thanksgiving!

Published:Wednesday | August 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

HELLO MI neighbour! Give thanks. Our waywardness is no match for God's kindness: the showers are back! The plants are looking bright again! The farmers are hopeful, and we are happy! The days are getting cooler and the water woes could soon be over. Is it time for dancing in the streets? Yes, but just gather a few friends and relatives around a drink of water or a cup of tea and sing praise & thanksgiving to the Almighty for 'all His benefits toward us'.

This could reduce acts of unneighbourliness in the society and keep the blessings flowing. Can you hear another shower coming down? Oh, for the transforming power of thanksgiving!

While we are at it, let's add a few more items to the thanksgiving list: We are at peace with other nations. Food is still on the table for many. You can read this article! Those who cannot read or see to read should also give thanks - they are breathing. Someone's looking out for them. In most cases, they are assured of their next meal. And even those who are hemmed in by uncertainties can also give thanks - once there is life there is hope. Hope kept alive could soon change your fortune!

At the same time, let's refuse to fall prey to the millions of excuses to be grumpy today. People will always pass unkind remarks about us. It's fashionable to be misunderstood and despised by those whom we try to reach. Our partners seldom see eye to eye with us. The economy is bad. Ends are not meeting. Our debtors are not taking our calls. But hear this: By developing an attitude of thanksgiving, we are like steel against rubber; the hard knocks leave us with our smiles and health intact. Thanksgiving does for the heart what the rain does for the parched Earth.

And how does one develop an attitude of thanksgiving? University researcher Shawn Achor offers four ways to achieve this:

Retrain your brain. Positive and negative thoughts pass through the mind minutely. If we practise to focus on the positive ones, soon there will be no room for the negatives

Pass it along. Share at least three things for which you are grateful with someone everyday.

Say thanks. Call or write to someone everyday, expressing your gratitude for something he or she has done. This simple act will make you feel great!

Bless your stress. Find something positive to focus on in the face of adversity. As one study found, patients who viewed their first heart attack as a blessing in disguise (to effect lifestyle changes), were less likely to have a second attack than those who blamed their heart troubles on others.

Give thanks and remember to give someone from the list above another reason to give thanks!

To help, please call Silton Townsend at 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412, or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 - NCB (bank routing #: JNCBJMKX). Or send donations to Hello Neighbour c/o 53 Half -Way Tree Road, Kingston 10. Email

The transforming power of thanksgiving!

Thanks to neighbours

1. Miss Bedasee, St Andrew, for offering a bed to Jethroe.

2. Howard, St Andrew, for donation of clothing.

3. Karen, St Catherine, for offering a mattress to Jean St Catherine.

4. Danielle, St Ann, for donating clothing for adult females.

5. Pamela, Kingston for donation of clothing for babies.

Opportunities to help

Tanya, asking neighbours for a stove and other household items.

Neighbour, St Mary, pregnant and in need of a queen-size mattress and clothing for soon-to-be born.

Kellan, St Elizabeth, trying all kinds of things to make ends meet. Asking for financial assistance for son attending Caribbean Maritime Institute.

Marcia, Trelawny, asking neighbours for single bed and a stove.

Jacqueline, St Elizabeth, asking for clothing for 11-year-old daughters and sewing machine to help generate income.

June, Hanover, recently had surgery to remove cancer of the muscle. Little board house is falling apart. Also in need of a stove and food.

Nicey, Clarendon university student needs a laptop to maintain grades. If grades continue to fall, she will lose her place in university - difficult assignment.