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If Pryce is real, then Ja has hope

Published:Thursday | August 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Could it be that we finally have a different, consistent and sincere politician? I have watched the new members of parliament since the last election, hoping to see a difference between them and the older breed, while expecting to be disappointed. Yet, I have to be reconsidering my stance when it comes to Raymond Pryce. He came out batting early for a new approach to the ganja situation despite the mockery and opposition he received on both sides. Last year, when Ras Puddler was arrested, Pryce again put his head out. Now on the Mario Deane issue, his remarks in media and on his Facebook page have been inspirational and sober. It has caused me to even read some of The Gleaner's on the work he has been doing in his constituency and in the Parliament. Mark you, I thought his resolution to rename the Throne Speech was wasteful, but look at what is happening in Scotland now with their Independence Referrendum.

I also noticed the other young MPs like Dayton Campbell lining up behind Pryce and echoing his sentiments. Many are abandoning the prayer for the Queen in Parliament. If Pryce is for real, then our country has hope. I am willing, after two years of watching the proceedings and developments, to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The only concern is with Damion Crawford reportedly saying he is quitting representational politics. Will Pryce and others remain? Or will the old breed suffocate him, too?

Keep it up, MP Pryce; but if you mess up like some of the older ones have done, expect my condemnation, even as this time I give you my commendation.

Ras Joseph Johnston

Olney Street, Flushing

New York