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LETTER OF THE DAY - Church mute on Deane murder

Published:Friday | August 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Isn't it interesting that when Professor Brendan Bain was fired from his job on account of what he said about gays that the Church in Jamaica created a ruckus, but they have yet to utter a single syllable, apart from a Jamaica CAUSE press release, in regard to the beating to death of Mario Deane in a Montego Bay lock-up?

When the Church was demonstrating all over the place about the 'trampled rights' of that university professor, it did so in fine style. Church demonstrators were dressed in black and had their mouths taped over - claiming the muzzling of free speech.

How is it that we don't see our churches sending out their members in black-and-white striped clothing stained with ketchup for fake blood and facial make-up resembling battered faces on our streets in support of those demanding justice for that young man?

I think there are two reasons why our churches don't see any reason to get involved in this case with that young man, as opposed to that professor. The first seems to be that Professor Bain is someone of some importance. As such, he deserves 'justice'. The young man who was killed in the Barnett Street Police Station, however, is just some poor and useless labourer who can always be treated for naught.


The other reason, which seems the more important, is that the hatred of homosexuality is a great puller of members to our churches. Therefore, the Church capitalises on this hatred whenever the opportunity presents itself. The beating to death of poor people, like 31-year-old Deane, is a regular occurrence that most of us have got used to. No church-member puller there.

It is because of the Church's confused priorities, of putting people's bedroom activities above the abuse of people in state care, for instance, why it continues to be seen by many of us as becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Shame on the Church!