Fri | Aug 17, 2018

Who muzzled Track & Pools letter writers?

Published:Saturday | August 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am a subscriber to your esteemed publication, as well as your subsidiary publication, SportGlobe. I buy and read another publication, Track & Pools, frequently.

I am disturbed by information gathered from columnist Gordon Robinson and your Editor's Note that Track & Pools has decided "not to publish letters". I am informed that deputy chairman of Caymanas Track Limited (CTL), Andrew Azar, has indicated (in writing) that CTL in no way approves this decision.

I, therefore, get the distinct impression that the source of the instruction 'do not print' is afraid of identification, since identification would immediately point the finger on who or what had no interest in improving the racing product.

The practice of appointing 'pardees' to the boards of government-owned companies has resulted in the spectacular failure of these companies to contribute positively and eventually make a profit, thus ensuring that tax dollars are used to prop up these entities. CTL is losing money, monthly, and if there are racing stakeholders/personalities with ideas/criticism that can improve the product (as Deputy Chairman Azar has asserted), why ban letters, and more important, why refuse efforts to talk about the ban or to field questions?

To quote Mr Robinson: "Media are Jamaica's last hope for transparency. True transparency cures most ills because it enables us to recognise when we are being bamboozled, tricked, swindled, deceived, or scammed. Recognition is trickery's worst enemy. Government won't be transparent anytime soon, so media must be. "

Over to you, sir. I anxiously await your response.