Thu | Nov 15, 2018

Mona intersection a danger zone

Published:Saturday | August 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am requesting that serious attention be given to the intersection of Garden Boulevard (Mona) and Old Hope Road.

This intersection crosses a dual carriageway and allows persons to turn left (to Liguanea), right (to Papine) or straight across to the Hope complex which houses at least five government agencies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Jamaica Bauxite Institute, and Mines and Geology Division.

I use this road every morning to go to the Hope Complex where I work. This intersection is becoming very dangerous because there are always persons who are heading to Papine, but for some reason or the other, decide to stay in the left lane. On the green light, they cut across the moving traffic, posing a threat to persons like myself who are heading straight across the roadway. As far as I know, the left lane is for left turns only, and the right lane is for those heading straight or turning right.

I am requesting police presence in this area or a remarking of the road to remind motorists of these rules. I am tired of having to be slamming my brakes or witnessing accidents and near misses. I have contacted the National Works Agency on two previous occasions regarding this matter, but that doesn't seem to be of any use.

Instead of waiting for someone to die or be seriously injured, why not try to prevent such a situation?


Kingston 6