Sat | May 26, 2018

Go, Vauxhall!

Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM


As a product of two Vauxhall alumni, I am so delighted by your news report of Vauxhall's improvement in CSEC math results. The circumstances surrounding this growth, in the space of one year, are to be carefully noted by all schools and businesses. It sets out an invaluable case study on what it takes to bring about change.

I thank Timar Jackson, his mother and all who supported him for giving Jamaica, and particularly the students of Vauxhall, an inspirational role model. I also thank The Gleaner for highlighting his story following his deserving award of the Rhodes Scholarship.

The powerful impact of Timar's contribution to his school also makes me lament the cheap, escapist attitudes of those who have achieved much in life, including a powerful platform, but choose to be selfish, demonstrate poor attitudes and corrupt behaviour, then attempt to justify it by saying: "I am nobody's role model."

I hope they, too, can look to Timar, the change he has helped engineer, and find that it is in fact more fruitful to aspire to develop, cultivate and project characteristics than can motivate others to achieve.

The lives and fortunes of these 55 young people who passed math may have been positively rerouted, because Timar has dared to take on the responsibility of modelling the possibilities which come with focus and discipline.

When we think about change, growth and forward movement for our country, let us pay attention to these small changes, these streams in the desert, because small streams nurture big rivers.