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Dancehall a lyrical cesspool

Published:Tuesday | August 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I write in support of Patria-Kaye Aarons' column in The Gleaner on August 12, 2014 titled 'If I see one more girl wining'.

If I were to compare dancehall music then and now, I'd have to say the entertainment sector has lost its savour. What we have now is music riddled with sexually explicit lyrics that incite not dance moves, but sex moves.

When you listen to a song like Walk Like a Dog And Cock Up And Piss, there is no doubt that dancehall music has acquired new and tasteless meaning. The artistes who are producing these songs would claim to be living out their passion by producing music, but the truth is that these lewd songs are contributing to the demise of societal morals and standards.

It is much more profitable to produce not just any type of music, but empowering, entertaining and clean music; music that caters to a diverse crowd and not just the vulgar and explicit.

As an aside, dancehall music has not only acquired heavily sexual content, but has also evolved to promote violence. The escalating rate of crime and violence that the police force battles incessantly is being fed by the lyrical content of modern dancehall music, yet we continue to promote it.

Let us act responsibly and purge the lyrical cesspool of filth that is seeking to distort and disrupt the lives we envision for our young boys and girls. I'm suddenly terrified of what the future might look like a few years from now should we not make an effort to preserve what little remains of the morals and values in our country.


The Love March Movement