Mon | Aug 20, 2018

JIS not a propaganda agency

Published:Tuesday | August 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Reference is made to a letter which appeared in your newspaper ('JIS off base on Negril project', August 15, 2014) written by Mary Veira, who said that our report emerging from a public consultation on the controversial Negril breakwater project held on Tuesday, July 29 was not only inaccurate and misleading but "constitutes what could be construed as propaganda".

I wish to provide clarity on this matter and disprove her assertion as the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) values the level of public acceptance of its work and rigorously strives to remain true to its mandate within the context of credibility.

From the news release (which is attached), it is clear that the JIS journalist was not giving a report on the consultation which was held. Instead, the journalist spoke with Mr Kenrick Davis, chairman of the Negril Area Environmental Protection Trust, after the meeting. He used the two opinions of the NGOs that supported the Government's plan to form the basis of his story, while pointing out that there is unrest among Negril hoteliers and citizens. The reporter went on to say why there was disquiet.

If the JIS were a propaganda agency, it would not have included that there was concern expressed by the disgruntled hoteliers and residents.

We have discharged our duty in keeping with our mandate.

Today, Jamaicans locally and overseas, including our media partners, have come to rely on the JIS for credible news and information. This is borne out by a Don Anderson survey which shows that Jamaicans have a favourable view of the credible manner in which we continue to discharge our duties.