Tue | Jan 22, 2019

Reform Premier League, don't scrap it

Published:Wednesday | August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In the Letter of the Day titled 'Scrap the Premier League' (Gleaner, August 19, 2014), the writer states that the league, in its current form, is not feasible. While I agree, scrapping the league will not solve the fundamental problem. In the world of competitive sports, popularity is king. Popularity determines how heavily corporate sponsors invest in your team. It also dictates how many casual fans are willing to pay to watch your games and, most important, how much television revenue the team can attract.

The only answer there is to the national Premier League is to increase the popularity of teams. Ultimately, the authorities must improve the product on offer. Nobody wants to pay to watch mediocre players. Much can be done to improve the infrastructure of the league (playing surfaces, training grounds, and stadium lighting for night games), because even Pele would have a hard time playing at his best on a substandard pitch.

The league should make the players its ambassadors. By that I mean that they should promote and highlight these players to the point where you can name every player on the team, just as how I do so in the English Premier League.

When something is broken, rather than getting rid of it, we should fix it. After all avenues have been exhausted, that is when change is to be considered.