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LETTER OF THE DAY - Kudos to Little London police

Published:Thursday | August 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Little London police who have been doing a worthwhile policing job and ensuring that they have a close working relationship with citizens throughout Little London and surrounding areas. In my interaction with them, I have always found them to be respectable, hard-working and professional officers recognising the importance of the job that they are performing on a 24-hour basis and responding to the residents' security concerns in a professional manner.

They are well trained and regularly walk the streets of the community, oftentimes speaking with residents, including myself, which has allowed them to be well known in the area. They attend our community meetings whenever they are invited and they have established close relationships with residents in the communities of Little London, Paul Island, and surrounding areas. We have a low crime rate in these communities because of the fact that they are practising community policing, thus making an impact.

The Little London police actually understand the importance of working closely with residents, and that is in part why the parish has a low overall crime rate in comparison to other parishes. I am not afraid to state that these officers are hard-working and models of excellence for other members of the constabulary force, so all is not lost for the police force. I am urging National Security Minister Peter Bunting to see how best he can allocate at least two proper working police vehicles for the Little London police, which is necessary at this time.


I am sure acting Police Commissioner Glenmore Hinds will be elated at the fact that the Little London police have been performing exceedingly well under severe financial constraints in terms of a lack of adequate police equipment and police service vehicles, and I implore him to continue to do his job well.

We need more hard-working, dedicated and professional officers, such as those now serving at the Little London Police Station, working all across the country. I salute the other hard-working police officers throughout the country who are serving well. We need to support and encourage the hardworking and corruption-free officers in the force and wish them well.


President, Little London and

Paul Island Development Council