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Scandal-ous grab Suits nobody

Published:Friday | August 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to CVM advertisers.

I have just seen a release from CVM Television informing Jamaicans that it has acquired exclusive broadcast television rights to the following programmes: ABC's Scandal, and NBC's Suits and Bates Motel.

It appears that there is nothing the viewer can do to block this imperious grab, never mind that the TV station in question will not faithfully carry the said programmes as is, but will instead arbitrarily block dialogues and scenes it deems to be not fit for broadcast.

So here is a heads-up: Neither me nor mine will be watching the said programmes on CVM-TV so if you had planned to capture our attention, you might as well know that you won't.

Might I suggest you save yourself some money by doing a survey of the potential viewers of these programmes to find out how many of us won't be watching.

It is not that I begrudge CVM's business decision. But this is a small buyers' market and it seems to me that businesses must avoid the appearance of being impervious. Imperious. Inconsiderate. Uncaring. Et cetera.


Half-Way Tree, St Andrew