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Old boy snubbed by Wolmer's principal

Published:Saturday | August 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM

I have just returned from visiting home with my family. It was a wonderful and enjoyable occasion, but with one disappointment.

During my trip, I visited my old school, Wolmer's, and was greeted and welcomed by the guard and caretaker. They mentioned the destruction by fire of the auditorium (which I read about on your online paper), and a donation would be accepted towards the rebuilding.

I was informed by someone that the headmaster was on site, of which I was pleased, as I could meet with him and make my donation there and then.

After a brief conversation with the caretaker, I was told that the headmaster was not accepting visitors. I was prepared there and then to make a donation.

But, how could I, if he could not spare a minute to say hello and receive the cheque/cash from me? After walking around the yard and taking a few snaps, I left very disappointed.

I will be making my donation online, but I do hope the next old boy who visits there will be made more welcome.

I must once again thank the guard and caretaker for allowing me and my family to have a look around and see the changes which have taken place.