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Train local Roma to take low-skill jobs, says PM

Published:Tuesday | August 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Hungary's prime minister said Europe should train its 10 million often unemployed Roma population to work in low-skill jobs which are now frequently done by immigrants.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday it was "irresponsible" to employ foreigners to do jobs which could be given to the Roma. Instead, European Union investment should be boosted in areas like education and job training in local Roma communities.

Orban said that instead of taking in large numbers of immigrants, Europe needed to increase funding for development programmes in the migrants' countries of origin so people could find jobs "where the Good Lord decided they would be born".

Orban said he favoured "rock solid" anti-immigration policies and that he would oppose any attempt by the European Union to establish centralised, "liberal" migration rules.