Tue | Aug 21, 2018

Shocked at Tony Hylton's lack of faith

Published:Wednesday | August 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am rather mystified to see Anthony Hylton's comments on local manufacturing, which has been one of the largest contributors to GDP in the past. Governments have been the greatest disincentive and hindrance to local manufacturing.

Mr Hylton is the minister of industry, yet he now says local manufacturing has no future. Anthony Hylton is a victim of negative thinking, and he's apparently ignorant of his responsibilities and unaware of his potential. He should quit his position and take his ideology and methodology elsewhere; Jamaica has no use for that kind of pessimism.

I like to be informed about concepts like 'global supply chain'. What is that exactly? Which global supply chain would we join, east-west, or north-south? Can we create one to satisfy our needs? I recall being a purchasing agent for a well-known international company which sourced goods all over the world, and it suggests to me that knowing your suppliers, your clients, organising shipping and delivery, packaging, expediting payments, specifications, and other considerations, would be a requirement; but then most Jamaica Manufacturers Association manufacturers know their market.

Finally, why would he think that import substitution of local products has no future? I believe if one has to start small, nothing is wrong with this. You need to build a sustaining volume as you grow and learn.