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Health fair for Maverley children

Published:Wednesday | August 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM

SOME 100 children in Maverley, St Andrew, are set to benefit from a range of primary health-care services, including dental services, as the Rotary Club of Trafalgar New Heights (RCTNH) hosts its annual health fair in the community, just in time for the reopening of schools in September.

Club President Coleen Lewis said the annual fair, to be held at The Source by the Jamaica Automobile Association in the community on Saturday, will bring well-needed services to the children.

"Back-to-school is often a very costly exercise for many parents and caregivers, both in terms of time and money, as they have to ensure that other material needs are met, such as books, school fees, and uniforms are purchased so that their children can learn comfortably," Lewis said.

She continued: "In the clamour to satisfy their educational needs, children's health needs are often overlooked either because parents and caregivers cannot find the time or because all their expenses have gone into purchasing material needs."

Effective learning

She says good health is important if children are to learn effectively in the classroom.

Director of club service projects, Tayana Wong, said several volunteer doctors and health workers will be on hand to conduct a range of tests and checks, including dental screenings. Sessions will also be conducted on breastfeeding.

"The intention is to bring some basic services, which many children may not otherwise benefit from, especially dental care, which many people find unaffordable," she said.

Lewis said in addition to the health services, RCTNH will be providing back-to-school supplies, including books and other stationery, to help with preparation for the new school year.

She disclosed that this year's hosting of the health fair was made possible through funding from the Chase Fund and the Jamaica National Building Society Foundation.

This is the fifth year that Maverley, which experiences intermittent violence from feuding factions, will be benefiting from the annual fair organised by RCTNH. Four hundred residents have benefited from the fair.