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Gone overboard with university binge

Published:Saturday | August 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In recent times, it has been difficult to understand the concept of a university. Why did we not call some of these institutions something else? Why a university?

The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) allowed these universities all the fishing lines they needed to launch out in the deep and now the water is just too deep to save them from drowning. Apparently, people did not read the fine print and the unsuspecting victims are the ones holding the lines with empty pockets.

What a mess! Institutions must take the blame and try to help these students who are now very bitter. As far as my experience reminds me, UCJ has to accredit programmes that have earned their certificates through hard work, and there can no compromise, irrespective of how influential one may be.

This is a very painful lesson, but I know that, when a programme is accredited, it has to stand firmly on two feet. We cannot buy accreditation; we must earn it.

Too many of our poor children, especially boys in primary schools, have failed for life because the performances of many teachers were well below standard. Many were leaving their classes to rush off to evening universities.

Jamaica needs the UCJ.


Port Maria, St Mary