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Have some respect for the dead!

Published:Saturday | August 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


It saddens me that on the passing of Roger Clarke, there are persons who have found it fit to make insensitive comments on social media. As a nation, we have become desensitised to death.

From posting pictures of the dead on social media to speaking ill of the dead without concern for the grieving, we have continuously shown how much we have been desensitised.

It is not uncommon for persons to turn any news item into a political show in modern-day Jamaica. This can be clearly seen in the comments section of articles posted on your website or Facebook page, no matter how much the story is unrelated to politics.

However, I believe we have reached a new standard of low in this country when we begin to politicise the untimely passing of anyone, even if that person is a politician, as seen in the case of Mr Clarke.

Persons have been justifying this behaviour by saying it's a reflection of the fact that persons have lost hope in the Government. But I believe there is no excuse for this kind of uncouth behaviour.

As a nation, we are quick to blame our governments for our problems, but what has been each citizen's contribution to the state of the nation?

No matter which leader or political party is at the helm of government, this country stands no chance of moving from its current state if the mentality of citizens is unchanged. If we want to see Jamaica change, let's start with ourselves.