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A part of the family

Published:Sunday | August 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Writer

We all know dogs have personality, but Dori and Stewie's personalities are larger than life. Danielle Davidson's two miniature dogs, Dori a Shih-tzu - poodle mix, and Stewie a straight Shih-tzu. Although she is now married and the dogs live with her mother, they are still a fixture in her life. Dori loves attention from everyone, and according to Davidson, like a true woman, this dog lets everyone know exactly what she is feeling.

"What I love most about Dori is her huge personality. She is a little diva! If she doesn't like something, she shows it. If she's sad you'll know it, and she absolutely loves to be pampered," explains Davidson.

Unlike his namesake in the animation Family Guy, this Stewie is a laidback, 'go with the flow' kind of dog. However, he has the tendency to vie for affection when he sees Dori being pampered.

The two dogs are also tricksters in their own right, stealing food from their owners once they get the chance to do so.

"Leave your food carelessly and they'll both sneak in and devour it. I remember, once I left my breakfast carelessly, came back, and it was gone. Lo and behold my mother found a piece of sausage hidden between her pillows. Seems they couldn't finish it, so they decided to go into her room and hide it in her bed. What were they thinking?"she recalled.

Davidson has her dogs groomed professionally once quarterly while she bathe them biweekly or monthly. Dori - the diva is the one that usually chooses the groomer because she does not respond well to everyone, and who Dori likes, Dori gets. She has been with the family for 10 years and Stewie for eight years, adopted from a veterinary clinic.

Falling in love with Stewie was inevitable for Davidson. Her brother was volunteering at a veterinary clinic one summer and that was how they met. Even though he was born without a tail the abandoned dog warmed their hearts. He was so full of love that she could not resist his charm. They knew that they had to make him a part of their family

Dori, on the other hand, was the first pet that she ever had and was thus her princess. However, Dori was no ordinary princess, she loved to play rough and the doggy bed that was bought for her suffered as a result of her playfulness. Instead of sleeping in it, she shredded it. She prefers to sleep under Davidson's mothers' bed. Stewie has also adopted this sleeping spot.

Dressing up is also not Dori's thing. "I tried to dress up Dori once for Christmas. I bought a nice little doggy dress and got the groomers to put bows by her ears. She hated it. She was absolutely visibly depressed. She wouldn't even roam the house, and somehow found a way to pull the bows out of her own head," she said still amused by the incident.

Davidson loves to spend time with her dogs. They are true family members and are active participants in the family life. Davidson loves playing with them and admits that they are most affectionate when she rubs their stomach. However, they have the most fun when they not only play their version of catch with the chew toys, but hide and seek like true children on the playground. She will hide and the dogs wiill run around the house frantically searching for her.

Like true children and parents she, along with her family, takes care of the two babies when they are sick, attending to their every need until they are themselves again.

There is nothing that Davidson would trade her loves for. "They are so unique, so full of love - they are part of the family and could never ever be replaced," she says.