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No treated water in Lorrimers

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I write in regard to South Trelawny Member of Parliament Marisa Dalrymple Philibert's response to the fact that Lorrimers has been neglected by her. Mrs Dalrymple Philibert denies "knowing any area in the Lorrimers division where residents were drinking tainted water". First, I cannot help but notice that Madam MP has failed in her response to address the following issues that were addressed in the said letter, so I am listing them below again seeking an urgent response:

Garbage collection.



Government policy to ignore rural Jamaica.

Second, I am confirming that there is no treated water in any of the water supplies within the Lorrimers division. As such, contaminated water has been causing illness and discomfort to the residents. The Trelawny Public Health Department and parish council can confirm this.

Since I have been councillor for Lorrimers division, the Ministry of Health has taken monthly samples of water in the area. To date, none of the samples taken has returned with satisfactory results.

The Green Town Water Supply, which is a potential source, has not been working for decades. If this is fixed and piping problems addressed, it could assist most of the citizens in Wait-A-Bit and Litchfield.

My water supply, constructed through the efforts of community members, is currently assisting residents but could be bolstered with a treatment facility which would cost approximately $1 million.

We are rejecting the timeline estimate argument and demanding water now!

Madam MP, we are rejecting your excuse that you cannot give a timeline on when our water crisis can be sorted out. Take this letter as a formal demand.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address the issue of MPs who live outside of the constituency they serve. Mrs Dalrymple Philibert is one such MP. This system of imposing candidates along political party lines, with no connection to a locale, must be changed.

My door is open to Mrs Dalrymple Philibert. To date, she has not shown any interest in working with me as the councillor. In my capacity as independent councillor for Lorrimers division, I am always available to work with any elected MP to serve my community.



Lorrimers Division