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Rubbish move to take garbage collection from councils

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In The Gleaner's editorial 'Jamaica's obsession with garbage' (August 30, 2014), you wrote, "But it is also clear that none of the parish councils and municipalities is properly equipped to carry out their substantive responsibility of keeping towns and cities clean."

While it is given that the local government councils lacked the equipment for garbage collection, you have failed to acknowledge that the "substantive responsibility" for garbage collection, like road repairs, was removed from the parish councils in the 1980s, when Edward Seaga was prime minister, to the National Solid Waste Management Authority and National Works Agency, respectively, thus rendering parish councils a toothless burden upon taxpayers.

Since then, our nation has been plagued with poor garbage collection and road repairs since the agencies are not accountable to the parish councils. In the meantime, both major political parties have failed to fulfil promises of local government reform.


Mandeville, Manchester