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Brand-new Hagley Gap wall collapses after rainfall

Published:Monday | September 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I recently congratulated a university graduate from my district of Hagley Gap in St Thomas with the words, 'Made in Hagley Gap - must be good!' Despite the trials of anyone from a poor, rural community, she had made it and secured employment.

Minto, Hagley Gap, is a humble community beset with very poor infrastructure. We often feel forgotten because we are at the border with St Andrew and feel easily overlooked at the western tip of our parish. We have always felt disowned and neglected, but when there is something to celebrate, we don't hold back.

The community was still in the throes of celebrating its brand-new retaining wall. We shared beautiful photographs of the very artsy-looking stonework on social media so 'Gappians' at home and abroad could see our latest achievement. It was a source of pride, and in a village where unemployment is at its highest, there was merrymaking because this provided many dinners, books and school fees. Then came the rains.

During the rains of Friday, August 29, the wall came tumbling down. Our adage, 'Made in Hagley Gap - must be good!', crumbled with our wall.

Being unable to get any answers about our roads, we feel it must be easier to answer our cries about this wall. The first and most pertinent question is with regard to the structural engineering, because, surely, a wall must be made to last more than three months and should not melt with rain. We are a patient people, so we look forward to a visit and some answers.


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The collapsed wall in Hagley Gap, St Thomas.