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Bunting going for at least two more terms

Published:Tuesday | September 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Tamara Bailey, Gleaner Writer

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:National Security Minister Peter Bunting, who is also member of parliament for Central Manchester, has no intention of giving up that constituency any time soon. At least not until two more terms.

"I'm on my second term, but if you know how PNP MPs in Central Manchester work, four terms is a modest term ... . Winston Jones served from 1955 to 1980, six terms; John Junor, 1989 to 2007, four terms. I only gone two so far, and the minimum I can do, four, so we going to start 'tun it up' now to at least equal John Junor and if them provoke me, I may go for Winston Jones' record."

Bunting, who was speaking at the Central Manchester constituency conference Sunday evening at the Manchester High School, said it had not been smooth sailing for the party but improvements were being made.


"The first half of the term has been laying the foundation. It has been tough, and we haven't seen all the benefits that we had anticipated," he said, reminding his constituents that Andrew Holness, as prime minister, had prophesied that there was "bitter medicine" to be taken. Nevertheless, Bunting said, "It has not been easy, but we are starting to turn the corner."

He continued: "You see reductions in unemployment, you see improvements in the balance of payments, we see the economy starting to grow, and I'm only sorry that Comrade Roger Clarke is not here to take credit for the growth in agriculture that is taking place despite the drought and everything else."