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Teach the truth about history

Published:Tuesday | September 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Works like The Making of The West Indies, A History of Jamaica and all other outputs like those are nothing more than a whitewash of our history written by white or brown-skinned apologists who want to sugar- coat our colonial experience.

If the objective of those publications was not to fulfil the social purpose of history, then I will "charmingly" accede. If not, the works of Messrs Augier, Black, Sherlock, et al, with all due respect to the accolades and their supposed contribution to the history archives, are nothing more than a covert attempt to make the crime of slavery and colonialism seem like a walk in the park and would then be fit for nothing more than bedtime stories for children or insomniacs.

History has a social responsibility to relate in its entirety no matter how uncomfortable or unpalatable it makes the perpetrators and their apologists. We don't get that from white, brown middle class or black-skinned neo-colonialist apologists. It's no wonder the minds of our people continue to be enslaved. Teach the people the truth!

Speak truth to the people from primary development. Not everyone will pass through tertiary level education as I did at the University of the West Indies, to be introduced to the numerous textures in the telling of our story.

Donna Mattis