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Roger Clarke, a man of the people

Published:Tuesday | September 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I was at a school function when I got a text message informing me of Mr. Roger Clarke's sudden death. I felt poleaxed when I read the message. I experienced a great sense of loss, became lost for words and struggled to come to grips with the demise of this "Man of the People and For the People" who endeared himself to many whether they knew him personally or met him through the media.

I knew instantly that the entire Jamaica would mourn his death, regardless of their political affiliation. Those from the orange side of the fence will. Those from the green side of the fence will. And those who sit on the fence will. This is simply because with a man like Mr Roger Clarke, one couldn't just help but love him, and those who didn't love him naturally, hated the fact that they still loved him.

One thing for sure, he loved his country and his countrymen. He loved his job and spent his entire life serving in various capacities to ensure those whom he was asked to serve had a better life.

This vivacious gentleman was a politician like no other. He exuded a natural charm and genuine care. He demonstrated passion and commitment to the tasks he had to fulfil. He worked indefatigably to meet the expectations of his electorate. He spoke emphatically about his convictions. He laughed robustly about himself and poked fun cheekily at others who tried to ridicule him. He even "daggered" youthfully, oblivious to the unnecessarily scathing remarks from some of the unthinking among us.

This convivial gentleman epitomised what many of us would like to see in more of our politicians, including being a real, down-to-earth person (no pun intended) that many persons can identify with, not to become self-seeking and stuffed with lofty ideals upon being elected, not to speak to us only from the physical barrier of a platform, nor from a metaphorical barrier that separates the elected from the elector.

His wit, his work and his worth will cause us to talk for ages about him.

Alcia Morgan Bromfield

Munro College, St. Elizabeth