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Heat puts court staff under stress

Published:Wednesday | September 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Some of the air-conditioning units at the Supreme Court have not been working since December last year.

Members of staff complained Monday that it was unbearable to work in the heat. They said they were given fans, but because there are no windows in the offices, the fans were only blowing hot air.

They said several letters have been sent to Court Management Services outlining the situation, but to date, the units have not been fixed.

Workers are getting sick because of the heat, some of them disclosed. The workers said they had to review the type of clothes they wore to work because it did not make sense to wear suits in the overbearing heat.

"In the day, our clothes are literally wet," an employee said.

They said they were frustrated with the situation and were contemplating what action to take for the authorities to repair or replace the units.

One of the offices affected is the computer room in the civil registry. One of the workers expressed concern that the computer system could soon start to malfunction because of the heat.