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Digicel's Sweet Plan leaves sour taste

Published:Saturday | September 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Words can't express how annoyed I am after getting trapped in Digicel's prepaid 'Sweet Plan' maze. For months, Digicel has deemed it necessary to constantly annoy their customers with text messages advertising various promotions, all of which are ploys to rob us. It is quite unfortunate that many Jamaicans continue to fall victims. Upon realising that I was on its most expensive plan, I decided to switch to the $2.89 'Sweet Plan' in an effort to save money. However, this proved futile.

After topping up with $300 credit on Monday, I proceeded to make my first call, which lasted exactly eight minutes and 53 seconds. After ending the call, $218 was left. Quite perplexed, my next move was to call Digicel's customer care. I explained my plight and was informed that with tax, the call would have cost $29, which calculates to $3.39 per minute.

The agent then proceeded to tell me that I was being billed for data charges. After informing her that I pay $2,000 monthly for unlimited Internet service, she placed me on hold for a couple of minutes, then returned stating that the call had actually cost $82.

Frustrated, I explained to her that if the call had cost $82, it clearly indicates that persons on this Sweet Plan are being charged $9.60 per minute and not $2.89, as advertised by the company. This is false advertising! After a brief moment of silence, the flustered agent simply agreed with me. I was shocked that she didn't even try to sweep my claims under the carpet and act as a good PR person for the company.

How long will Digicel continue to fool the public with their ludicrous "credit last longer" gimmicks? How will our credit last longer if we are being overcharged? I have had enough of Digicel's antics and I know many others are tired of it, too.

S. Holness

Mandeville, Manchester