Thu | Sep 20, 2018

Gas stations full of hot air

Published:Saturday | September 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

I write to highlight a concern I have with some service stations across the metropolitan area. Obviously it has become the trend for these stations not to have operating air pumps up and ready for customers.

In my search to find one, I visited not two, but three service stations, then I finally found one as I crossed Torrington Bridge at an Epping gas station heading downtown. Later on, I was reliably informed that the Texaco on Half-Way Tree Road also had a functional air pump.

While I understand the challenges gas station operators face when the hose is stolen, I implore them to find alternative measures to lessen the opportunities of theft. Other operators are now selling coins to purchase the air to assist with their 'electricity bills', while another operator in the Cross Roads area implemented a system where you have to leave your car keys in order to use the hose; upon return of the hose, your key will be returned.

Let us be realistic here: A full tank of gas in a car with flat tyres cannot drive. They go hand in hand. The habit of gas stations not having their air pumps working is unacceptable.

Even though I do not agree with charging a fee for using air pumps, at least the service is offered. Let us hold service stations accountable.

We are faced with constant hikes in gas prices, so they should at least provide the services they are supposed to.

Dee Hunter